Last week, I was in London. First time. This city is amazing.
Architecture, food & peope.
Seriously. If you have chance to go there, just go 😀 .

I took some pictures with LEGO figures. From different series and different unieverses.
Queen, king or Marvel’s heroes? No problem.  Just check it below 😉 .

If you like my photos, click “like” or comment below, then I will know how many people read and see this text & photos 😛 .

londyn thebrickphoto 7

Malekith, the Dark Elf in Greenwich and Doctor Strange – Earth protector.

londyn thebrickphoto 1

King. The King.londyn thebrickphoto 9

Clara Oswald & 12th Doctor

londyn thebrickphoto 5

The Christmas tree from Norway for Great Bretain and traveller

londyn thebrickphoto 8

Cutty Sark, Pirate and Muskieter 😀

londyn thebrickphoto 3

Traveller and Westminster Abbey

londyn thebrickphoto 2

TARDIS and National Gallerylondyn thebrickphoto 4

Daleks: Exterminate, exterminate!londyn thebrickphoto 6

I didn’t take Harry Potter’s photos. I just forgot 🙂 . Maybe next time.


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